Success Stories

  • What is a CRMP?

      Here is a Press Release for Kyle Buck earning the first CRMP, Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional, in Idaho. Businessman Awarded Special Reverse Mortgage Designation   Nampa, ID—Kyle Buck, a reverse mortgage loan officer with Affinity Mortgage, a division of Mann Mortgage, has joined an elite cadre of mortgage professionals who have achieved the status of being a Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional (CRMP). National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA), headquartered in Washington, D.C., bestowed the certification on Buck after ...

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  • Growing the retirement Nest Egg with Reverse Mortgage

    A growing number of seniors are looking at their retirement savings and wondering if their nest egg will be enough.  With everyday costs going up and people living longer, many are facing the looming financial short fall of running out of money.  So the question is how do you preserve your retirement savings when you are in or near retirement.   One answer is Reverse Mortgage. I spoke to a client recently to find out what ...

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  • “Reverse Mortgage allowed me to retire today instead of when the mortgage was paid off”

    It is always exciting to leave a closing after completing another reverse mortgage.  With each closing, it always amazes me on how reverse mortgage changes my clients lives.  We closed a loan for a great client, Jackie, who scheduled her retirement date based on when the reverse mortgage went in place.  Jackie could have kept making mortgage payments for another 14 years and putting retirement off several years but she realized that reverse mortgage could ...

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  • Major changes to Reverse Mortgage on March 2nd!

    This year, reverse mortgages will undergo yet another transformation in a long line of recent program changes designed to make these loans safer retirement planning mechanisms for the borrowers they serve. Starting March 2, borrowers age 62 and older will be subject to a financial assessment before they can take out a reverse mortgage. This is true only for new borrowers who decide to get the loan on or after

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  • How much do you qualify for?

    Is a reverse mortgage right for you?  You can not answer this question until you know how much you qualify for.  It's quite simple.  With your age, value of the home, and how much is owed against the home, you can find out how much you qualify for.    Reverse mortgages are an FHA loan so with this information you can review the two dozen different reverse mortgage programs available to see if reverse mortgage ...

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  • Enjoying work without the stress

    Alan has been a Realtor for many years and loves what he does. He loves the freedom to do what he wants, but he does not want work or financial obligations to dictate his schedule and he is not ready to retire. In the Boise area, weather often determines the activity of home sales. When the weather gets cold, so does the market. Since Alan works on commission, the slow winter months can cause some ...

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  • A Reverse Mortgage saves a home and a life style for disabled owner

    When Jim called my office, he was facing foreclosure and did not know what to do. Jim has been disabled and on disability ever since he contracted Polio as a child. His home was all he had and his disability and social security income was not enough to make ends meet. His credit scores and his income would not qualify him for a traditional mortgage so he believed he was out of options. I told ...

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  • Retire now with no worries and no mortgage

    Sandy, 65, had another 10 years to go to pay off her mortgage and felt discouraged. She was ready to retire but did not feel she could because her retirement income would not be enough to cover her mortgage payment and her living expenses. Sandy had heard about Reverse Mortgage but did not know how it worked. She wanted to speak to a local expert instead of talking with someone on an 800 number. Once ...

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  • They now have their dream home with no monthly mortgage payments for the rest of their lives.

    Ren and Pat had been in their home for several years but realized the home would not be conducive for them in their retirement years; too many stairs, too much yard to care for and too big of a home to maintain. They wanted to downsize and wanted to find the right home where they would never need to move again. Both Ren and Pat only wanted to work a few more years. They also ...

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  • Leveraging the equity in your house without the monthly mortgage payment.

    Mr. and Mrs. Johnson are retired and have their home free and clear of a mortgage. Mr. Johnson realized they have all this equity in their home they cannot access or use. He is a forward thinking gentlemen and wanted to be able to access the equity in the home, but not be burdened with a mortgage payment. He wanted a program that he could access at anytime, not have a monthly mortgage payment and ...

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