Your local reverse mortgage advisor is:

Kyle Buck
MLO 619473
Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional, CRMP
1327 W. Applecreek Ct.
Eagle, ID 83616
NMLS #619473
License Numbers: Idaho MLO-13346 Washington MLO-619473 California CA-DBO619473 Missouri 16881-MLO
Phone: (208) 573-5150 or (855) 491-5150
Fax: (866) 491-2324

Kyle Buck began his career in the financial industry in 1999. Kyle transitioned from a career in commercial banking to the mortgage industry. He became a Platinum Producing Area Manager for the top wholesale mortgage lender in the nation.

Currently, Kyle is one of the few certified instructors for the State of Idaho on the Reverse Mortgage Program. Since 2007, Reverse Mortgage has been Kyle’s passion. As a local expert, Kyle teaches seminars across the state of Idaho for both Realtor’s and for potential clients. He is mortgage licensed in Idaho, California, Missouri and Washington state.

Kyle has been honored by NRMLA, the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association, as a CRMP, Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional. Kyle likes to call the CRMP designation his Masters in Reverse Mortgage as he became the first CRMP in Idaho and 1 of only 151 CRMP’s in the country.


Meet Me: Kyle Buck

Hello, my name is Kyle Buck and this is a question my clients have had to ask every month now that they no longer have to make a monthly mortgage payment. If you no longer had to make a monthly mortgage payment, what would you do with the money? Would it change what you do every day if you had more money every month? Would you travel more? Would it change how much or how long you would work? Would retirement be closer if you no longer had a mortgage payment?

As Idaho’s first Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional, I welcome the opportunity to talk about reverse mortgage and how they can work for you. With over 25 different reverse mortgage programs available, understanding how each program works for clients to match their goals is key.


The Reverse Mortgage is not only nice, IT’S ESSENTIAL! With expenses going up we were able to add what we would have spent on our house payment to our monthly budget.

Mrs. Hughes

Nampa, ID

Working with Kyle Buck made the difference in getting our loan done!


Emmett, ID

I have lived in my home for 15 years and was going to lose it to foreclosure. Working with Kyle saved my home and now I can live here as long as I want without the financial stress of making another house payment.



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