Success Stories

A Reverse Mortgage Can REALLY help!

What is a CRMP?

  Here is a Press Release for Kyle Buck earning the first CRMP, Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional, in Idaho. Businessman Awarded Special Reverse Mortgage Designation   Nampa, ID—Kyle Buck, a reverse mortgage loan officer with Affinity Mortgage, a division...

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How much do you qualify for?

Is a reverse mortgage for you?  You can not answer this question until you know how much you qualify for.  It's quite simple.  With your age, value of the home, and how much is owed against the home, you can find out how much you qualify for.    Reverse mortgages are...

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The Reverse Mortgage is not only nice, IT’S ESSENTIAL! With expenses going up we were able to add what we would have spent on our house payment to our monthly budget.

Mrs. Hughes

Nampa, ID

Working with Kyle Buck made the difference in getting our loan done!


Emmett, ID

I have lived in my home for 15 years and was going to lose it to foreclosure. Working with Kyle saved my home and now I can live here as long as I want without the financial stress of making another house payment.



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