Alan has been a Realtor for many years and loves what he does. He loves the freedom to do what he wants, but he does not want work or financial obligations to dictate his schedule and he is not ready to retire. In the Boise area, weather often determines the activity of home sales. When the weather gets cold, so does the market. Since Alan works on commission, the slow winter months can cause some unwanted financial stress and putting in more hours is not what he is looking to do. When Alan attended my Reverse Mortgage Continuing Education Class, he thought he was just going to fulfill a requirement for his real estate license. Instead, he left with the solution to his problem. He realized that since his commissions were not steady throughout the year but his mortgage payment was, if he could get rid of his payment he would be able to get rid of his slow time stress. Once we completed his Reverse Mortgage and eliminated his monthly mortgage payment, Alan was able to enjoy work without the stress.